How to Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage

What Types of Water Damage are Covered by Insurance?

If water damage occurs inside of your house and was caused by an unexpected, unintentional event, most home insurance programs will assist in covering the costs. However, rather than being freak occurrences, pipe leaks and freezes are typically seen by insurance companies as home maintenance problems, and they frequently make this distinction when rejecting claims for water damage.

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Exceptions in Coverage

For instance, damage caused by lack of maintenance or wear and tear is typically not covered. Similarly, damage from flooding often requires separate flood insurance.

The Importance of a Home Inventory

Having a home inventory can greatly assist in the claims process. This is a detailed list of all the items in your home, along with their estimated value. The Insurance Information Institute provides a free online tool to help you create one.

Understanding what types of water damage are covered by your insurance policy can help you navigate the claims process more effectively. The next section will delve into how to file a water damage insurance claim.

How Can You File a Water Damage Insurance Claim?

Identifying and Stopping the Source of Damage

The first step in filing a water damage insurance claim is to identify and stop the source of the damage. If you can find the source of the leak or flow of water, such as a burst pipe or broken water heater, locate and turn off the supply valve to prevent further damage.

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Reviewing Your Policy

Understanding your policy’s coverage can help you set realistic expectations about the potential payout from your claim.

Call Your Insurance Agent and Report the Claim

Contact your insurance agent and report the claim promptly. Most carriers maintain 24/7 hotlines to guide you through the claims process and advise you on cleanup. This immediate action can help expedite your claim and prevent further damage to your property. It’s crucial to notify your insurance agent as soon as possible to initiate the claims process and receive timely assistance.

Working with a Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster from your insurance provider could visit your house to evaluate the damage. Your claim’s settlement will be heavily influenced by the adjuster’s report. Filing a successful water damage claim requires careful attention to detail and understanding of your insurance policy. The next section will discuss what to do if your insurance won’t pay for your water damage claim.

What Should You Do if Your Insurance Won’t Pay for Your Water Damage Claim?

Understanding the Denial

If your insurance claim is denied, the first step is to understand why. The company should always provide a full detailed explanation in reference to denial. Common reasons include the type of water damage not being covered under your policy or the damage being due to negligence.

Reviewing Your Policy

Review your policy again and compare it with the reason for denial. If you believe there’s a discrepancy, you may have grounds for an appeal.

Filing an Appeal

If you believe your claim was unjustly denied, you can file an appeal with your insurance company. This usually involves submitting a written letter detailing why you believe your claim should be covered.

If your appeal is denied and you still believe your claim is valid, you may want to consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer who specializes in insurance claims can provide guidance on your options.

Engaging a Public Adjuster

Another option is to hire a public adjuster. These are professionals who can assess the damage and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Navigating a denied insurance claim can be challenging, but understanding your policy and knowing your options can help. The next section will discuss how 24/7 Service Pros can assist you with water damage restoration and insurance claims.

Why Choose 247ServicePros for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs?

Expertise and Experience

At 247ServicePros, we bring a wealth of expertise and experience in dealing with water damage. Our team of skilled professionals is specially trained in the newest restoration techniques, making sure that your property is totally restored to its real and original condition.

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of water damage restoration. From initial assessment to final restoration, we handle everything.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Our team at 247ServicePros has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and can guide you through the process, helping you get the maximum payout from your claim.

Commitment to Quality

Our dedication and commitment to the best quality shows that we never cut corners. We use high-quality materials and follow industry best practices to ensure the longevity of our restoration work.

Remember, when it comes to water damage restoration, 247ServicePros is a name you can trust. Our main office is located in Davie and we serve all South Florida Reach out, for any personal or professional need.


In conclusion, dealing with water damage can be a daunting task, but understanding the process and your insurance policy can make it manageable. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prevent most types of water damage, saving you from the hassle of insurance claims. If you do encounter water damage, 247ServicePros is here to help you navigate through the restoration process and insurance claims. Remember, staying informed and prepared can help you deal effectively with water damage. Reach out to us for any assistance you need.

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