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At 24/7 Service Pros, we promise top-tier water damage restoration in North Miami Beach. Our expert team swiftly tackles and solves the unexpected problems that homeowners and businesses face. We’re always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach is a tropical city located in Miami-Dade County. It’s known for its striking nature spots and resorts. There are a lot of parks and restaurants that keep the citizens entertained.

The climate of North Miami Beach is warm most of the year. Summers are usually hot while winters are mild. There’s no snowfall in winters and mild rainfall occurs throughout the year. However, during hurricane season, residents have to face a lot of rainfall, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

In order to help the residents with natural and unnatural water, fire, and flood damages, 24/7 Service Pros provide damage restoration services year round. We also deal with mold problems that usually occur during hurricane season and after heavy rainfall in summers.

Your Local Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Remediation Experts in North Miami Beach

24/7 Service Pros offer quick and efficient services to help you restore your damaged properties. We deal with water damage, fire damage, flood damage, as well as mold damage. We are aware of the devastating effects of fire and water on the structural integrity of your property.

We provide restoration and mitigation services for residential and commercial buildings. If you or your neighbors are facing issues with water, mold, or fire, get in touch with our experts. We are a well recognized company in Florida. Our experts are professionally trained, experienced, and certified.

We hold the following certifications:

Cleaning and Restoration Certificate

Restoration Services We Offer

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage during hurricane season or heavy rainfalls can be a big problem. If there’s a leak in your wall, or your sump pump is faulty, it will draw water inside your property. Our water mitigation and restoration experts can remedy all kinds of water emergencies.

Apart from natural water emergencies, 24/7 Service Pros can help fix water leaks, broken water connections, burst pipes, and water seepage of all sorts. Any source of water leak in the house causes severe damage to the property and leads to other issues such as flooding and mold.

In case of any water emergency, contact us as soon as possible. Prompt action can help you save your property from severe and costly damages.

Our Services in North Miami Beach include:

Water Damage Restoration

Mold Removal

24/7 Service Pros have a dedicated team of mold experts who can identify and terminate mold, mildew, and other funguses. Mold during wet seasons is a common issue in North Miami Beach. We get several complaints during summers as well.

Our experts are well equipped to deal with different kinds of mold. Black mold is the most toxic of all. We assure you of a thorough and long-lasting mold remediation service for your home, office, or commercial building. Mold spreads rapidly and causes serious health issues. If you see any signs of mold in your home, call us immediately.

Our mold removal services in North Miami Beach include:

Mold Removal

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can damage a property beyond repair. Not only does it affect the structure and objects, it also puts the residents in strain. Additionally, the after effects of fire can be very difficult to deal with. Smoke and soot left behind after a fire accident can make the cleanup process even more difficult.

24/7 Service Pros offer a free fire damage inspection to all residents of North Miami Beach. Our experts will analyze the area and extent of damage. They will guide you through the entire process and give you an exact quote as well. In order to get your property restored to its pre-damage state, contact 24/7 Service Pros instantly.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

Fire Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Service

We work all year round. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency response time is very quick. If you have any water or fire related emergencies, our technicians will arrive at your doorstep within 30 minutes. We provide prompt services during hurricane and storm seasons. Despite high demand, we are never short staffed and provide the most efficient and fast services in all of Florida cities.

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Why Choose Us?

If you choose us, we can assure you quality and quick services. Our technicians are highly professional and well trained. They can deal with all sorts of water, fire, flood, and mold damages. We are an industry recognized company with experienced staff. We also offer free inspection services to all residents of North Miami Beach.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

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