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About the Delray Beach, FL Area

Delray Beach, Florida is a well developed city in Florida. Delray Beach is the ideal vacation with beautiful sandy beaches, crystal blue oceans, and year-round sunshine.

The climate of Delray Beach is tropical which means summers are hot and humid while winters are dry and warm. The city experiences heavy rains for 6 months of the year, with May through October being the wettest . There is also a brief dry season in mid-summer when humidity declines and rain chances are significantly reduced.

Water crises such as a burst pipe, toilet or sink overflow, appliance malfunction, heavy storm, or sewage backup can be disruptive and frightening. 24/7 Service Pros provides damage restoration and mitigation services against all these issues around the clock.

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Your Local Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Remediation Experts in Delray Beach, Florida

We understand the local difficulties that Delray Beach locals confront, therefore we provide prompt and efficient solutions. Water damage complaints rise during the rainy season, therefore we plan ahead of time to ensure that All complaints from May to October are responded to timely.

24/7 Service Pros have technicians who specialize in fire and water damage repair, flood cleanup, and mold treatment. All employees are experienced and certified. We are an industry-approved company with the following certifications:

Restoration Services We Offer

Water Damage Restoration

If you see any indicators of a water leak anywhere in your house, contact 24/7 Service Pros for a free assessment. We can help you repair water damage in the basement, behind walls, under floors, behind shower tiles, and in your crawl space. We also make sure to take precautionary and preventive measures for future safety. Call us immediately in case of water intrusion in your home or office.

Water damage can look like damp spots on walls or ceilings, bubbling floors, musty odors, mold growth, and discoloration. We not only fix the water leaks but also replace any damaged structure. Our Services in Delray Beach include:

Water Damage Restoration

Mold Removal

Delray Beach gets very humid during the rainy season. May through October are the busiest months of the year for our mold remediation experts. Despite the high volume of complaints throughout the summer season, our service is prompt and efficient.

Mold may develop in a damp atmosphere in just 48 hours. If you see any evidence of mold or fungal growth in your surroundings, contact 24/7 Service Pros for mold detection and cleanup. We recommend getting a free mold examination during the humid summer months and during wet weather. Our Mold Removal Services include:

Mold Removal

Fire Damage Restoration

If you have fire damage, contact 24/7 Service Pros right away. Our professionals will arrive at your house in less than an hour. We have properly qualified professionals who can quickly restore your property to its original form. We have dealt with a variety of fire situations in Delray Beach, including wildfires, kitchen fires, electrical wiring fires, heating unit fires, and smoke fires.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

Fire Damage Restoration

Flood Cleanup

Flooding in residential and commercial properties is common if your property is not floodproof. Extreme weather events, including heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and river floods, can all become the cause of flooding. If you live near a beach, stream, or canal, you are at a greater risk. Contact us for making your property water and flood proof. We also deal with flooding caused by burst pipes, sewage backup, sump pump failure, and water leaks.

24/7 Service Pros provide flood damage restoration services to Delray Beach locals. Our experts are trained and qualified to handle water extraction, dehumidification, disinfection, and property restoration following a flood.

Our Services include:

Flood Damage Restoration

Free Property Damage Inspection in Delray Beach, FL

24/7 Service Pros provide free inspection services to all residents in Delray Beach. You can schedule an appointment by calling us. In less than an hour, our professionals will be at your doorstep. To find damage under floors, below ceilings, and behind walls, we make sure that our technicians are well equipped.

Our technicians can detect hidden water damage and mold damage. They can also assess the damage caused by a flood or a fire and give you a fair and square quote. Get your free inspection today.

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Why Choose Us?

24/7 Service Pros have the best experts and technicians in the city. Our services are outstanding and satisfy our customers. Our quick response during emergencies and busy weeks is a good reason why you should get in touch with us. We provide assistance to all customers around the clock.

Contact 24/7 Service Pros if you need your property restored after fire, mold, water, or flood damage. Our teams are well-trained and knowledgeable. Before joining our team, all staff members are thoroughly vetted and tested. Our certifications are proof of our standards and quality:

Damage Restoration FAQ

If you try to clear up black mold on your own, it can be difficult and dangerous. There is also no certainty that you have completed the mold treatment correctly. It is not a task to be taken lightly without contemplating the potential consequences.

If you see mold on the exterior material of an HVAC system, you can clean it with borax, bleach, and water. First, rub off the fuzzy growth. Clean the filters thoroughly.

Water damage to your property caused by floods is often the most time-consuming repair. Flooring and walls must be rebuilt, and shattered items are frequently repaired in the process. If the damages are severe and widespread, make sure to contact a professional!

Pipe Leakage

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We understand the importance of a seamless restoration process. That’s why we work with all major insurance companies. We do it to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.

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